Wireless Communication Red Tacton

Wireless Communication Red Tacton Broadband technology is a necessary for the population. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been dealing with challenges to get broadband solutions. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology seems to be pioneer solution.

 Wi-Fi is used in MAN solutions with bandwidth, coverage, and power consumption for the development of conformance and interoperability of the IEEE 802.16 standard, which is known as Wireless MAN. The WiMAX is referred as a standards-based technology which enables wireless broadband access to cable and DSL. WiMAX is a certification mark or stamp of approval.

 Based on IEEE 802.16 and ETSI HiperMAN, WiMAX has common mode of operation, Concentrated in 2- to 11-GHz WMAN and Defines both the MAC and PHY layers. The IEEE 802.16 technical has three generations. They are IEEE 802.16, IEEE 802.16-2004, and IEEE 802.16-2005.

 A WiMAX system has two parts. One is WiMAX tower and second one is WiMAX   receiver. IEEE 802.16 gives support to two modes of operation, PMP and PTP. Point-to-point (PTP) link is a dedicated link which connects only two nodes that are BS and subscriber terminal.

 The topologies used are Point-to-multipoint (PMP) and Mesh Topology. Mesh networks are wireless data networks which give the SSs more intelligence than traditional wireless transmitters and receivers. WiMAX is a certification addressing interoperability over IEEE 802.16 standards-based products. The IEEE 802.16 standard has two models. One is fixed and another one is portable.


 WiMAX is the dominant standard for Wireless MAN networks in the world market. The OFDM shows the difference between the 802.16 and 802.16a standard. There are prototypes and development kits using WiMAX standard which are utilized for education. There are some products which are introduced into the market that already composed of WiMAX standard. Market is the key word to take into account. Products need to be delivered as per the market needs.

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