CSE Research Paper on MPEG-Video Formats

Description: The CSE Research Paper on MPEG-VIDEO FORMATS speaks about MPEG-4 Video formats. It is suggested in the research paper that MPEG-4 is the global multimedia standard, delivering professional quality audio and video streams over a wide range of bandwidths, from cell phone to broadband and beyond. MPEG-4 interactive client-server applications are expected to play an important role in online multimedia services. The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) is a working group under ISO/IEC in charge of the development of international standards for compression, decompression, processing and coded representation of moving pictures, audio and their combination.

It is suggested in the research paper that most of the multimedia services consist of a single audio or natural 2D video stream.  MPEG-4 which is an ISO/IEC standard provides a broad framework for the joint   description, compression, storage, and transmission of natural and synthetic audio-visual data. It defines improved compression algorithms for audio and video signals, and efficient object – based representation of audio-video scenes.  There are 3 main features of MPEG-4 that distinguish it from other technologies: object based nature, interactivity and a high degree of compression.

MPEG is not just audio or video specification. It is a complete multimedia protocol. In MPEG-4 , audio-video objects are encoded separately into their own Elementary Streams (ES). The Scene Description (SD),also referred to as the Binary Format for Scene   (BIFS),defines the spatio-temporal features of these objects in the final scene to be presented to the end user .Object Descriptors(ODs) are used to associate scene description  components to the actual elementary streams that contain the corresponding coded media data. ODs carry information on the hierarchical relationships, locations and properties of ESs.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that MPEG-4 gives viable solutions to audio and video solutions and together.

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