Ajax Technology CSE Seminar Topic with Documentation

Introduction to Ajax Technology Seminar Topic:

The paper is about the Ajax technology.  The technology Ajax is used for creating the customized web applications which are dynamic in nature.  It forms a communication which is asynchronous and also two-way; this communication exists between the server and also the web browser.  The aim of this paper is for providing the information about the technology AJAX, what all the duties that are performed by this technology, and also the situations when this technology should be implemented and also when not to use. This paper also includes the future enhancements when compared to that of present.

This type of communication which is asynchronous helps user to browse the webpage, as they are being loaded as sections. It has also capability of adding information which is new or being updated recently without the page being refreshed. In the present situation the application of Ajax is being used in many companies as many customers prefer the application which is being developed using this technology.

Developing an Ajax application includes the writing of the code with three sections, where the first section includes the code which is being written in HTML, where the second section is written in the JavaScript, whereas the third section is written in server script written in PHP.  Where each section of code represent the Ajax request and if there is any missing in the request then the section may fail.

AJAX helps to develop internet applications. It makes use of XML for communication with server. Overall they provide application which is interactive. We can conclude that AJAX is easy technology to learn with a little knowledge of html. Al Though the Ajax provides the web applications which are interactive and rich but if they are not properly used can create security problems.

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