Computer Science Seminar Topics Bluetooth Security

The research paper Computer Science Seminar Topics Bluetooth Security describes different ways of data transfer through Bluetooth in a secure way. This paper gives information about the security measures of Bluetooth, the paper examines the Bluetooth security architecture in detail, how it should be different from the old security measures of the cable-connected world and are they sufficient enough, so that Bluetooth can be used for everyday communications.

Applications of Bluetooth: The research paper comments on various applications of Bluetooth and many more beyond mentioned.


  • Wireless headsets for cell phones for hands-free, wire-free phone calls.
  • Wireless PC Mouse connection to the PC using Bluetooth.
  • Wireless printing between a PC or handheld and a Bluetooth enabled printer.
  • Wireless barcode scanner input for retail and warehousing.
  • Automated synchronization of Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs) and PCs using Bluetooth.
  • Ad hoc networking and file sharing between PCs, PDAs & laptops in a meeting.
  • Automated cell phone dialing from a laptop’s contact database with logging of the activity on the laptop.

Benefits of Bluetooth: The paper states that the most basic benefit from Bluetooth is of simple cable replacement between two devices. For many situations where the physical elimination of inconvenient cables that take space and limit device placement. In industrial and commercial applications, the presence of wires creates problems and task interference issues. The wide range of device types and standard interface make by Bluetooth which allows selection of devices optimized each for their particular functions.

Security Modes: The paper states that each Bluetooth device can work on one of the three security modes. Depending on whether a device uses a semi link key or a master key, there are several encryption modes available. If a unit key or a combination key is used, broadcast traffic is not encrypted. Individually addressed traffic can be either encrypted or not. If a master key is used, there are three possible modes. All the three modes have been meticulously explained in the paper.


The abstract concludes on the note that the Bluetooth’s security seemed to be adequate only for small ad hoc networks, such as a network of the participants in a meeting. Connecting a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) to a mobile phone using Bluetooth may also be secure enough. The paper puts forth a valid question asking whether Bluetooth is secure enough for larger networks, money transfers and transferring other sensitive information.

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