Web Service on Mobile Platform Seminar Topic

Web-service-on-Mobile-platform-seminar-topic.Web service on mobile platform seminar topic explains about features of web services in present situation for fulfilling needs in web development along with mobile accessibility. This paper explains about details of web services, role of web services in mobile environment, types of web services, introduction of middle ware components, web services on J2ME and web services on different mobile operating systems. 

Web services are applications which run externally at different locations like Google provides web services from America similarly different organizations will have their own web services under their control. Web services are not language dependent they can run any applications which are developed in different languages and different platforms which is developed as per the common web service standards. Web services is basically application programming interface (API) which is accessed by HTTP protocol when ever user requests for information from a web page web service will provide information using HTTP protocol.

SOA is the architecture used in this technology which uses XML and HTTP standard protocols for communication from all over the world. This system is also called as machine to machine interaction for communicating over the network.

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