Mobile Communication System Seminar Topic

Mobile-Communication-System-seminar-topicMobile communication system seminar topic explains about new technologies in telecommunication systems and its usage in present trend. This paper covers features of wireless communication networks 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G with detailed explanation on features of 4G, working of 4G technologies, Multiplexing techniques used in mobile communication systems, antennas and features of 4G.

Mobile technology is one of the fast growing technologies in the world there are millions of users in the world using telecom services. There are new technologies developing in this field among them wireless communication technology like 3G and 4G are one of the mostly used technology. At present 3G is mostly used web communication in the world which provides wireless internet, video calling and mobile TV. 4G is a fourth generation wireless communication technology which is advanced version of 3G with advanced features like fast data transmission on moving and same ip address on moving, internet access anywhere and high quality mobile TV.

4G technology uses any frequency which is already in use like radio frequencies which will increase wider scope of communication. It works on frequency ranges from 3.2 HZ to 10.6 HZ.4G works with less power consumption because it uses pulse instead of signals. For implementation of 4G new antennas should be installed.

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