Computer Vision and Image Processing Seminar Topic


Computer vision and image processing seminar topic explains about how computers can change future of image processing and its applications in different fileds. This paper explains about introduction to image processing and computer vision, and differences between computer vision and image processing and practical considerations.

 Computer vision and image processing belongs to two different fields which are interlinked with each other. In computer vision technology we analyze image by taking image as input and decision is taken based on analyses. Main idea of this paper to propose an new idea in which human beings can increase visual capability using computer techniques. It can also be explained as computer can view images more accurately as we see. In this technique low quality image is processed to develop a new high quality image.

Computer vision will develop three dimensional images based on the processed images. In present there are many files like animation, movie making, computer graphics, image understanding and artificial intelligence computer vision and image processing is used.Details about image processing can be useful.

  Computer vision applications are used in the medicine, security, traveling  and many other fields.

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