Web Mart Online Shopping Paradise .Net Project


Web mart online shopping paradise is a project developed to allow business grow larger and faster. Users can view and order products online from anywhere and anytime. Web mart sell different type of new products and services.web mart online shopping paradise services users online quickly and comfortably. This project develops an e-commerce store for the users.

Existing System:

The existing system is a manual system this is not an automated system.

Risk of mismanagement of data. Less security. No proper coordination between different applications and users. Fewer users – friendly. Accuracy not guaranteed. Not in reach of distant users.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is a visual store on the internet where customer can browse the catalog and select the products of their interest. Customer can receive the order within time and high security will be provided. Billing address, shipping address , shipping options and payment details can be selected by the customer.



Customer can register to the site and get a unique username and password. Customer can place the order by providing the details of the items. Customer can check the status.


Admin gets login by valid username and password. Admin can view the request send by customers. Admin can add new products to the application. Admin can view all the details of the registered customer details. Admin can add, edit , update and delete the details of the products and sends the product to the customer.


The main purpose of the system is to enable customers to browse and order from any part of the world and hence increasing business scope.

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