Advanced Online Parking System .Net Project


An advanced online parking system is a project developed to provide an easy way in finding parking space for vehicles. This project helps users by analyzing the areas where parking is available and details about the number of slots free in that area. Advanced online parking system enables users to book four hours prior to their expected arrival, the user can pre-book a slot in the area he desires if it is available. This will help reduce the load on the administrator as his physical work reduces drastically and users can search the parking slot easily.

Existing System:

In the existing system, the number of personal vehicle usage is increasing manifold. Finding a parking space in most metropolitan areas, especially during rush hours, is difficult for drivers. No service providers are available, and shopping malls and customers need to work as a unit to make the parking which takes a lot of time in searching for a parking slot. It includes manpower and expensive devices that result in high costs for maintenance.

Proposed System:

The proposed provides Infrared (IR) sensor nodes to sense the status of the car space and transfer the information to a controller. Thereby displays the information on a LED screen with which the user can check for empty vehicle slots, in turn reducing his time. The user is provided with an interactive-based user interface for the process of pre-booking parking slots. The user requests the server for locations where parking is available and the server responds with slots availability.



The owner gets a login by filling out the registration form. The owner will get a unique username and password to enter into the site. The owner can send a request for providing a slot. The owner can request a slot by providing area details. The owner should provide the registration details of the vehicle.


Admin gets login by valid username and password. Admin can view the request sent by car owners. Admin can provide a lot for car owners. Admin can view all the car registration details. Admin verifies the registration details and provides a lot to the car owners.


Our project successfully reduces the parking problem in places of entertainment such as theatres and shopping malls. Our project helps in finding out the availability of a parking slot, getting the availability confirmed, and reaching the place within the time slot allotted. It helps the administration to allocate the vacant slot to the next person in the queue. Our project saves the time of visitors in booking a parking slot.

Download Vehicle Parking Management System C++ Project Source Code.

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