Online Shopping System .Net Project

Abstract: Online shopping system is a system which is developed to improve the services of customers and vendors. The main features of this project is high accuracy,design flexibility and easy availability.This application allows customers to shop and buy the items online.

This online shopping system allows users to shop from anywhere and anytime.This system provides users to find more variety of products with fewer expenses.Users can compare multiple items at a time in this application.This application saves lot of time and users can avoid crowd for shopping.

This Online Shopping System application maintains the details of the customer payments,product receipts and all the details of the selected items.


Users: User should fill the registration by submitting all the details like email and address. Users can make search for the product and add the item to cart. User can place order by completing the payment process.

Guest customers: Guest customers can view all the products and search for a particular items if he want to purchase the item he should get register to the application.

Admin: Admin can view all the transaction made by the users . Admin will add new products to the site.All the data regrading customers and the transaction will be saved by admin.

ENVIRONMENT :           

Web Technologies : ASP.NET

Language                 : C#

Database                  : SQL SERVER

Web Server              : IIS

Operating System   : WINDOWS XP

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  1. i would like to take this project…. because this project is very much useful for me and my institute… thank you

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