Web Shop .Net Project

This Web Shop .Net project mainly deals with the operation of shopping the different goods, which are available on the net corresponding to the particular web server so we can call as Web Shop.

Now a days Internet technology is growing to communicate between the people and fulfilling their needs. Application on Internet plays an important role in the application development, which is providing all round solutions right from the mails to e-commerce On such due-course, this Web Shop project is stepping towards the Internet project development used for shopping on net.

This Web Shop .Net project contains mainly transactions between the customers of the e-Shoppe Server so that to access the goods that is available at the corresponding server.

In this Web Shop .Net project the customer after getting into the concern site as to make selection of the products that are given displayed after that for the payment of the money he/she as to go through login process and has to specify the credit card details and get the products ordered.

The old customer’s customer-id and the related password should be valid for shopping on the net. This Web Shop project has been developed using HTML and on the server side using Active Server Pages .NET with the help of VBScript as both on server side and client side validations.


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