My Club- Club Management System .Net Project


My club – club management system is a project which is developed to provide and manage various social service activities such as donating eye’s, blood, providing awareness towards aids, conducting medical checkups and conducting pollution awareness camps. This application provides my services online and maintains the details of the donors to provide fast and efficient service to the needy people. This application also provides camps on student coaching and free athletics.

 Existing System:

In the existing system information is not collected or stored in correct time. User friendless is not maintained properly. Cant update and download the latest data. Risk of mismanagement of data. No proper coordination between donor and receiver. Less secured.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is a automated system in which donors information can be updated and download easily. This system is a user friendly system which provides easy and fast access. Information can be received or send easily without any delay. Provided with high level security with different levels of authentication.


Admin :

Admin will provide all the information needed to the donors. Admin updates all the information. Admin adds the details of the eye and blood donors details. Admin provides job assistance details and loan details.

Officers & Retired Persons:

Officers and retired persons nee to fill the registration forms and get username and password to enter into the application. These persons provides the details of the donors and can send request for organs. These officers provides awareness camps on pollution and aids.


Students can fill the registration form. Student can get login by entering unique and valid username and password. Students provide the information about the donors and can even donate blood by sending the requests. Student can get the information about jobs. Students can get awareness about pollution and aids.


Our project my club-club management system has successfully provided the details of the donors to the needy people.

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