Wearable Computers Seminar Report and PPT

Introduction to Wearable Computers Seminar Topic:

Introduction: – It is a type of small portable computer that can be wore on body during use. It was first introduced in the 1500’s with the pocket watch. In 1967, a device was developed that can read the lips of the person which uses LED device. This is different from personal digital assistant (PDA) that was designed for hand use. They can be integrated into the user’s clothing or can be attached to the human body through some other means. Through this the user is able to enter commands and execute a set of entered commands while the user is walking around or doing any other activity. It stills a topic of research and various interfaces are being proposed.

Working: – Some wearable computer uses keyers that are mounted on the grip and track ball as input device. It also uses gesture, speech recognition or context awareness as input device. The output is given through the lights; sound, even hepatic interfaces head trackers, pen, bar code reader, and video capture devices, microphones, and GPS locators, tab alternatives including buttons, dial, eye trackers and other exotic devices such as skin sensor.

Wireless Finger Ring: – it also an input device that detects finger-tip typing. It has a wireless link.

Output device: – There are various type of input device they are head mounted displays (HMDs), flat panel.

Performers: There are five categories of performers they are Entertainers, Animators, Provocateurs, Communicators, and Performance Artists.

Advantages and disadvantages: – It is flexible and convenience. We can use this for completing our daily task but its disadvantages are that it is very expensive and the equipment is very heavy. It uses lot of wiring and produces lots of heat.

This computer will be dominating in coming future.

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