Wearable Computers Seminar Topic

Wearable computers seminar topic explains about the technology that is wearied on the user body and occupies space on the human body. This is a device which will remain always with the user at every time and at anywhere.

This computer is just not like the wrist watch or anything it is just like the computer that can be word by the human on his body while moving from one place to another. This came into the evolution in 1980’s. This technology is full of senses and takes the notification of the user body and helps the user in doing the work more easily.

Applications of this technology in different fields are explained in Wearable computers PPT Presentation.

Today the men are making many devices to make his task easy form which one of the devices is wearable computers. They are rapidly increasing the cell phone technology, wireless technology, and the satellite technology to make the use of the information at anytime from anywhere in this world. This development has lead to the development of the technology of the wearable computer and the many more technologies which help the user in doing many works.

PPT Over View:

Wearable Computers Seminar covers Modes and Applications:

Modes: – there are three operation modes of this technology and they are constancy in which the computer runs continuously and it is always ready to do work. Another is argumentation in which it allows the user to do the work at the sometime while the computer is doing another work. And the last one is mediation which is the ability of the computer to be encapsulated and it allows encapsulating more than the portable computers.

Application: -this type of technology has much application some of them are emergency services such as fire service another is field service which is to maintain the product vice of any service. It is also used in health care services. It is also applicable in shuttle micro gravity space.

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