Stock Maintenance System PPT

Introduction to Stock Maintenance System Seminar Topic:

This is the system that uses application to keep the record of the items that are sold or purchased, there price, when to deliver them and whether the customs have made any transaction or not. We have to maintain the stock when the raw material is send to the place. Or we might need to deliver them to other houses.

User Management:The new user can be add to this application by entering the name, address, phone, email etc. Only the administrator can modify the list of user details and also the administrator can remove the unwanted user. If anyone wants to login then firstly, the user has to create a module.

Login: For making the transaction the user has to login in to the system. An email is asked to the existing user if he forgot his password and then the password will be sent to his email.

Purchase Order: An order is placed to the company of the item before making the item purchase and in turn the supplier places the order to the company and company purchases the item.

Purchase: it maintains the record of items that are sold and the amount of items is left and what’s their price.

Sales Order:Before selling the items to the customer, they send us the sale order or without making the sale order customer can purchase the items.

Sales: The customer can order his items by entering the item name, quantity and rate and all the details of his company.

Stock Transaction: transaction are only done when we receive the notice from the dealer and they have done some advance payments.

Reports: The various detail of the company can be viewed by using this software.

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