CSE Latest Seminar Topics on Underwater Sensing Network

Introduction to Latest Seminar Topics on Underwater Sensing Network:

Our earth is covered with 70% or water, so we need the network that can be used to monitor the ground underwater. To this job we need special network that can work under water. For that we create a sensor network that will work inside the water.

Under water networks is used to detect the intensity of vibrations, chemical concentration or heat inside the earth. We setup many stations that are linked together to form sensor network.

They use OWC sensing network or SONAR based sensing network. In SONAR based sensing network they use sound waves that have the capability to travel the longer the distances.

OWC based on underwater sensing: in this light is used for propagation and many base stations are made inside the water. They receive the signal and process them to obtain the final result.  We can also acoustic method for data transmission that can also travel the long distance.

SONAR based: they use sound for navigation and ranger to detect the signals instead of radar as they radiations. They process the signal for processing and extracting information.

LIDAR based:it has the property to measure the scattered light and from that it can find the information and other information like range. They also use same technology like radar technology to find the information from the signal. They are also used by the military services.

Advantages: they don’t require any permission for transmission. They don’t have the problem of radiation as they don’t use radio waves. They are very low, light in weight, don’t require to setup like roads, high bandwidth and very less power consumption.

Applications: they detect the weather conditions like lightning strikes, earthquake, wind etc. monitoring sea animals and plants. They check the behavior of the marine life.

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