VLSI Seminar Report

This is the world of VLSI. It is applied in various fields such as mobiles, i-pods, i-phones etc. The world is enjoying the use of this technology. VLSI is the process of creating integrated circuits by combing 1000`s of transistor based circuits into a single chip. Now it is a key to several sophisticated electronic devices.

 This VLSI Seminar Report emphasis on VLSI chip combined with SDR technology which is used in mobiles. VLSI technology has made the mobile affordable and SDR technology made its flexible. SDR helps to access different networks like CDMA, GSM, WILL etc.  Basically, SDR is radio communication system. It is potentially tuned to any frequency band by means of little hardware.

 Telecommunication industry is dependent on VLSI technology. SDR also has a prominent part in the mobile communication. VLSI decreases the size and price of the mobile whereas SDR increases the flexibility of the mobile.

 The existing network in telecommunication has two major types. They are GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). These networks are different in their accessing frequencies. These networks cannot be accessed from the same hand set. With the help of SDR, dual SIM card phones are developed.

 With VLSI technology, students are exposed to ICs involving SSI and MSI circuits such as multiplexers, encoders, decoders etc.  VLSI is the next stage to SSI and MSI.

 Advantages of VLSI include lower package count, low board space, fewer board level connections, higher performance, and reliability and lower cost due to the lower chip count. Disadvantages include long design, long fabrication time, higher risk project, spiking problem, and leakage of power.


 With the advantage of SDR, one needs one set to access different networks and however providing flexibility. Dual SIM cards phones are developed based on SDR technology. It has gained a very good response.  VLSI has successfully reduced the cost of product and has gained much.  Based on single chip design, many companies are producing the product.

Download VLSI Seminar Report & Technical Paper Presentation.

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