VLSI Implementation of Digital Image Segmentation Algorithm for Gray Scale Images

This document VLSI Implementation of Digital Image Segmentation Algorithm for Gray Scale Images is based on the realization of digital algorithm and modified LEGION algorithm for gray scale image segmentation. LEGION is an algorithm for digital image segmentation and this algorithm was simulated in model-sim5.8 C but realized using Xilinx 6.3 tools.

 Image segmentation is a process of partitioning the original natural image into meaningful regions or image segmentation is segregation of the interested parts from the original image. It is very important for processing an image in higher levels like the image is not segmented, object tracking, and complicated manipulations and much processing time unnecessarily.

 An image segmentation algorithm is classified into five groups. They are Pixel classification, Edge-based approaches, Region based approaches, Modal based approaches, and Hybrid approaches. The hybrid approach joins both region-based approach and model based approach.

 LEGION stands for locally excitatory globally inhibitory oscillatory network LEGION has elements such as a model of a basic oscillator and local excitatory connections to produce phase synchrony within each object. A global inhibitor receives inputs from the network and feeds back to produce de-synchronization of the oscillator groups to represent different objects. LEGION is a network of relaxation oscillators which is constructed from an excitatory unit ‘X ‘and an inhibitory unit ‘Y’.

 Digital image segmentation algorithm has six functional steps with few modifications. They are Initialization, Calculation of Leader cell, Self excitation of Leader cell, Calculation of dependent cell, Excitation of dependent cell, and Inhibition of all excited cells.


This paper is segmented on modification of the LEGION approach. The analog technique of LEGION is converted into digital technique and its architecture is realized in FPGA. Using Model-SIM 5.8 C tool, the architecture is simulated and using Xilinx 6.3, the architecture is synthesized. The segmented images are verified by using Matlab tool. LEGION has been used successfully to segment binary and gray-level image data.

Download VLSI Implementation of Digital Image Segmentation Algorithm for Gray Scale Images.

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