Remote monitoring and control A VC++ project

Remote monitor control VC++ project is about monitoring computer from any were using a simple application where you can access every part of the remote system and even modify resource files, transfer files…etc.There are few applications like team viewer which is related to same concept. The main object of this project is to design two different software applications which will run on two systems one as server and other as client. On client system user will run client module and server application will be running under monitoring system. Server runs in the hide mode and captures the screen of its own desktop and sends it to client machine from where user can access entire features of the server machine and perform required functionality. Remote-monitoring-and-control-A-VC++-project.

Remote monitor control VC++ application uses TCP ip protocol at the network layer and network programming is done using socket programming classes provided in Visual studio C++ or using WINAPO windows application. 

This project is implemented using socket programming concept which is one of the widely used programming methods for developing client server based projects. This document provides detailed information about how to perform client server connection using socket programming. 

Remote monitor GUI part and socket functions are taken from VC++ MFC class. 

Remote monitor control VC++ project document Contains.

1.Data Transferring

2.Capturing the screen

3.Controlling the events

4.Graphical User Interface and more. 

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