VLSI GSM CDMA Technology Btech Technical Seminar

Today the world is of VLSI and people are various forms of technology like mobiles, i-phones, i-pods, etc. VLSI is the method of creating integrated circuits into a single chip with the help of 1000 of transistor based on circuits. The emphasis is based on VLSI chip and SDR technology which are used in mobiles. VLSI technology makes the mobile affordable whereas SDR technology makes its flexible. SDR is radio communication process which tune to any frequency band over a large frequency spectrum.

 This Seminar VLSI GSM CDMA Technology Btech Technical Seminar focuses on design of SDR and VLSI chips use in mobiles with their working principles. VLSI extends as Very large scale integration and SDR as Software Defined Radio. Telecommunication is highly developed technology which depends on VLSI technology and SDR plays an efficient role in mobile communication. VLSI helps to decrease mobile size and price whereas SDR increases the mobile flexibility.

 This network telecommunication is classified into two major types. First one is GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) and second one is CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). These two networks are different in accessing frequencies. The problem with these networks is that these two networks cannot be accessed from one mobile hand set. Today, dual SIM card mobile phones have been improving by using SDR.

 Present VLSI designs are having three categories. They are Analog, Application Specific integrated circuits, and Systems on chip. Its advantages include Lower package count, low board space, fewer board level connections, higher performance, reliability and lower cost due to the lower chip count.

 VLSI GSM CDMA Technology Conclusion:

 With the advent technology of SDR, one can access different networks and hence providing flexibility. Dual SIM cards phones are developed with SDR technology which has a very good response.  With the advent of VLSI, the cost has reduced and also product is made efficiently.

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