Tainted Seed Test Using Digital Image Processing 


Currently, farmers face a major problem to detect contaminated seeds, the proposed Android application detects the percentage of seed purity using the technique of digital image processing.

Due to the increased use of smartphones, farmers can easily capture images anywhere, anytime. The proposed approach helps farmers to detect pure seeds immediately in their fields without the help of any technician who may be miles away and may take a long time to calculate the result.

Requires a mobile camera with a minimal configuration. This Tainted Seed Test Using Digital Image Processing application is not limited only to Indian farmers, but can also reach out to other nations that depend on agriculture.

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  1. Dear sir, can you please let me know which data sets you use for the above mentioned project
    Thanks in advance

  2. Looking at this article got pretty much impressed. I have thought of using Deep Learning and Image Processing algorithms. But i lack dataset. I have taken it as my Final year Project. Please help me with any stuffs you’ve got regarding this project.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  3. hello sir, the work proposed by you is quite i shall be highly grateful if you could please provid me with the source code for it.

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