Technical Seminar Topic on Virtual keyboard

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Virtual keyboard:

Today the technology is growing day by day. This technology has introduced a virtual keyboard. Virtual keyboard is just a technique that is developed in java language which is easy, smaller and faster. It has many features like platform independent that supports text input, copy paste operations, user friendly and small in size.

QWERTY keyboard:-There are several things in keyboard that have to understood such as key matrix and speed for transmission. Key matrix is nothing but a grid of circuits that lies under the keys and when the key is pressed the small amount of current is flowed in the circuit. And it is also relay on switches that cause the change in current flowing.

Types of keyboard: – There are many types of keyboard according to their keys such as 82 and108 keys apple keyboard and 101 and 104 windows keyboard. They are also classified according to their arrangements such as in laptops, functional, typing, and numerical and control keyboard.

Technologies in keyboard: – There are various types of technologies for keyboard. We have some audible type keyboards. Some of them are mental contact, rubber dome, capacities, membrane and foam element keyboards.

Virtual typing: – this type of technology uses artificial intelligence and sensors to allow users that he can work anywhere on any surface. It uses a flashlight technique that flash light of keyboard on any surface. In the device measure the movement of the fingers when keys are pressed down and determine the keystrokes.

Drawbacks: – It is very difficult to use it because in it we have to type in the thin air so for using it we need a practice. It is very costly. For using it in a room the light of the room must be bright so that the keyboard is visible to us and we can able to type on it.

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