Intrusion Detection and Secure Routing CSE Project Report

Introduction to Intrusion Detection and Secure Routing Project:

This paper discussed about a secured routing protocol based on AODV over IPV6, which used for intrusion detection and response system for ad-hoc networks. This paper also discussed on how the new mechanisms help to detect and thwart malicious attacks. 


 A secure routing protocol helps to prevent or minimize attacks against nodes in a MANET.  The possible attacks in MANET are routing disruption attacks, resource consumption attacks and attacks on data tariff. The SecAODV implements the common concept of both BASAR and SBRP.  The implementation of SecAODV follows Tuominen’s design and also uses two kernel modules like ip6 queue and ip6 NF AODV for its implementation.

  Route discovery and maintenance of local connectivity mechanisms are the two mechanisms implemented by an AODV protocol. An IDS strengthens the defense of a MANET.  Scalability, designing a platform for collaborative IDS and enabling protocol specific IDS are the basic design goals involved in designing an IDS. In IDS intrusions can be detected based on anomalous behavior of neighboring nodes.  Every node monitors a specific tariff activity within its radio-range. 


There are significant inherent vulnerabilities of mobiles devices in MANET’s and there is more possibility of attacks on such devices.  This paper discussed about a secure routing protocol SecAODV and an IDS design and implementation.  Creating and maintaining routes is the major role of a routing protocol. 

Even though the network is getting protected from routing disruption attacks there is a possibility of occurring packet mangling attacks, denial of service attacks by using MAC vulnerabilities and grey holes. An IDS is needed to protect the network from such attacks. An IDS which deployed on a mobile device is always constrained to its radio range.  An IDS can monitor selected nodes and in turn increase the scalability and detection accuracy. 

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