Ultrasonic Distance Meter Embedded System Project

Ultrasonic distance meter embedded system project explains about developing new application using microcontroller for calculating distance between two objects accurately using ultrasonic sound. This system uses ultrasonic sound pulses to calculate distance between objects. From source point user will send ultrasonic pulses to other end using transmitter and then receiver will catch reflected pulses and time is calculated for transmitting and receiving of pluses based on this time distance is calculated and displayed on LED. Output is displayed in digital format which can be easily understood by any one.


In existing system it is hard to calculate distance between objects, present system uses manual method where tape is used to calculate distance but this procedure is not possible in calculating long distance. In this cases ultrasonic distance meter can be used.

Using this application can save time and cost and usage of man power. This paper covers introduction to new concept, block diagram description and working principle with components required for implementing this project.

download  Ultrasonic Distance Meter Embedded System Project.

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