Embedded GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System Abstract

Embedded GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System projects main idea is to develop a application which can help to track distance, traffic and position. This application works on GPS and GSM technologies.

A typical GPS receiver calculates its position using the signals from four or more GPS satellites. Four satellites are needed since the process needs a very accurate local time, more accurate than any normal clock can provide, so the receiver internally solves for time as well as position.

Initially the GPS continuously takes the data from the satellite and stores the latitude and longitudinal positions in microcontroller’s buffer. If we want to know the path of the vehicle we need to send a message to the GSM which gets activated by receiving our message. At the same instant the GPS gets deactivated with the help of relay.  As soon as the GSM gets activated it takes the last received latitude and longitude positions from the buffer and sends a message to the particular number which is executed in the program. After the message has been sent to the user the GSM gets deactivated and similarly the GPS gets activated. This is a cyclic process.


  • KEIL UV2 IDE tool
  • Functionality of all above components
  • Embedded C programming


  • AT89S52
  • LCD
  • RS232
  • MAX232

download Embedded GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System Abstract.

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  1. gps can give the out put in the form of latitude and longitude,,,,,,,,,

    but can it give the location name,,,,,,,such as new delhi,,,,,so on

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