ECE-Anti Collision Detector with Automatic Gate Control and Crack Detection

The project “ECE-Anti Collision Detector with Automatic Gate Control and Crack Detection” designs a system which is a cost viable solution to as an anti-collision detector which implements RF and LASER technology in signal automation. Not only anti-collision, this project also detects cracks in the railway tracks which are caused by either natural or man-made causes.

ece-anti-collision-detector-with-automatic-gate-control-and-crack-detectionTrain collisions are mainly used because of violations of safety regulations in terms of human errors and sometimes machine faults. This device is an automatic device supported by a microprocessor for communication purposes. Once installed in trains, it will be successful in eliminating high speed collisions. Once this system is installed, the train halts at a distance of 3 km from the junction of a barricade.

In the anti-collision detector project, the train’s engines is furnished with a microcontroller containing data stored about all trains which means the registration numbers of trains travelling. The motor on which the train is running is coupled with the microcontroller. On the headlights of every engine, a photodiode and a LASER is added that emit pulses regularly. If 2 trains are running on the same track, the sensor signals the microcontroller which halts the train.

The tracks have in-built encoders and RF transmitters. If the track is uniform then constant current flows between encoders. As long as current flows uniformly, the transmitter transmits RF signals. If there is a crack in the track, the current flow through encoders varies and the transmission of signal stops. When the microcontroller does not receive any signal, it halts the train.


India is that country which has one of the largest railway networks in this world. Every single day hundreds of trains run. The people also depend on trains as it is an affordable means of transportation. The ever increasing traffic puts pressure on the railway authorities for smooth transition of their operations. It is not practically possible to halt a running train as it travels at high speed. Thus where there are crossings or in suburban areas where people density is more, there electronic gates must be placed which is an add-on in this project.

Download ECE Project on Anti Collision Detector with Automatic Gate Control and Crack Detection.

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