Various Methods of Evapotranspiration Bio Tech Project

This Various method of Evapotranspiration BioTech Project report is about Evapotranspiration and its methods. The report consists of 4 chapters which contain Introduction of Evapotranspiration, Literature review, various methods of Evapotranspiration and a case study of Srisailam Left Bank Canal. The chapter first defined the general details of Evapotranspiration and its Necessity, factors affecting Evapotranspiration and objectives.Evapotranspiration is a key part of the hydrologic cycle.

Some water evaporates directly from soils and water bodies, but much is returned to the atmosphere by transpiration (a word combining transport and evaporation) from plants via openings in the leaves called stomata. Within the same climates, forests and lakes yield about the same amount of water vapor. The amount of Evapotranspiration is dependent on energy inputs of heat, wind, humidity, and the amount of stored soil water. In climate studies, this term is used to indicate levels of surplus or deficit in water budgets. Aridity may be defined as an excess of potential Evapotranspiration over actual precipitation, while in humid regions the amount of runoff correlates well with the surplus of precipitation over Evapotranspiration.

The methods of Evapotranspiration are as follows:

•           Modified penman method

•           Jensen-Haise method

•           Hargreaves method

•           Thornthwaite method,

•           Blaney-criddle method

•           Hargreaves class A pan evaporation methods


This report addresses with Evapotranspiration of SLBC using methods of Evapotranspiration, out of the various available methods penman’s method is the best method as it contains more number of parameters which are not available with the other methods in estimation of Evapotranspiration.

Using the methods of Modified penman method, Jensen-Haise method, Hargreaves method, Thornthwaite method, Blaney-criddle method, Hargreaves class A pan evaporation methods, calculations Evapotranspiration will be done based on the values obtain will calculate the percentage of error with reference to modified penman method the value of error will be correlated to the other systems and rankings will be given based upon the percentage of error obtained.

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