Production of ethanol using molasses and its effluent treatment

Production of ethanol using molasses and  its effluent treatment is a project report which begin with introduction which explain the A Chronological profile of Mohan Me akin Introduction Organizational Structure and its contents are Fermentation, Distillation, Production of Liquor, Effluent Treatment Plant, Brewery House, Water Treatment Plant, Products of MOHAN MEAKIN  Limited.

The introduction part explains the history of MEAKIN products. Ethanol is also called ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol. Ethanol is produced both as a petrochemical, through the hydration of ethylene, and biologically, by fermenting sugars with barm.  Which process is more economical depends on prevailing prices of petroleum and grain feed stocks.

The study proposes some simple but effective throughput-approximation methods for finite-buffered closed-loop production systems with unreliable machines and exponentially distributed processing times. The proposed approximation methods are based on disintegration and aggregation principles. The processing of molasses produces large quantity of liquid effluent called ‘SPENT WASH’.

The treatment of spent wash takes place in the EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT. The fermentation is derived from the Latin word fervrve, which means boiling. However, events of boiling came into existence from the fact that during the alcoholic fermentation the bubble of CO2 gas bursts at the surface of boiling liquid and give the watery appearance.


M/s MOHAN MEAKIN LIMITED, LUCKNOW is leading manufacturer of beverage of the sort country liquor, foreign liquor, beer and denatured spirit. Hence this is a potable distillery. The metabolic process of yeast Ethanol is a byproduct. As such ethanol will be present in any yeast habitat. Ethanol can commonly be found in overripe fruit.

Ethanol produced by symbiotic yeast can be found in Bertam Palm blossoms. Although some species such as the Pen tailed Treeshrew exhibit ethanol seeking behaviors, most show no interest or avoidance of food sources containing ethanol. Ethanol is also produced during the germination of many plants as a result of natural anerobiosis. Ethanol has been detected in outer space, forming an icy coating around dust grains in interstellar clouds.

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