Bio Diversity Final Year Project Report

This Bio Diversity Final Year Project Report consists of the definition of Biodiversity, Levels, and Values of Biodiversity. Biodiversity derived from bios means life and diversity mean variety refers to a wide variety of life on earth to all plants, animals, and microorganisms. Biodiversity is defined “as the variety and variability among living organisms and the ecological complexes in which they occur. It is virtually synonymous with “Life on earth”.

Levels of Biodiversity: There are three levels of Biodiversity: 1) Genetic diversity 2) Species diversity and 3) Community and Ecosystem diversity. The report provides the detailed information about Levels of Biodiversity. This report also defines the Values of Biodiversity which contain Food, Drugs & Medicines, Fuel, and Social Value.

A biodiversity hotspot is a biogeographic region with a significant reservoir of biodiversity that is threatened with destruction. There are 25 such hotspots of biodiversity on a global level, out of which two are present in India. These are Indo- Burma (earlier The Eastern Himalayas) and the Western Ghats & Sri Lanka.

In Threats of Biodiversity explain the Habitat loss, degradation, fragmentation, Poaching of Wildlife, Man – wildlife conflicts, Climate change, Introduction of Exotic species. Finally, the report explains on Conservation of Biodiversity and In- situ conservation and Ex-situ conservation.


As per the report critical processes at the ecosystem level influence plant productivity, soil fertility, water quality, atmospheric chemistry, and many other local and global environmental conditions that ultimately affect human welfare.

These ecosystem processes are controlled by both the diversity and identity of the plant, animal, and microbial species living within a community. Human modifications to the living community in an ecosystem – as well as to the collective biodiversity of the earth – can, therefore, alter ecological functions and life support services that are vital to the well-being of human societies.

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