BIO Medical Engineering Project Report On Magic Monitor

This is a BIO Medical Engineering Project Report On Magic Monitor which produced by Biomedical Engineering Department. This project report consists of ten chapters. This Project, “MAGIC ICU Monitor”, is made to measure and observe different Vital signs using various electronic components.

In an addition to diagnosing some cardiovascular diseases by analyzing the data is being measured.

The aim of this advance ICU monitor is to give physicians in the ICU a pre-idea about the diagnosis of the case and suggested emergency required. This project measure blood pressure, pulse ox meter, human body temperature and detect ECG signal and display all these parameters.

There are 4 basic stages in this project which are the Hardware circuit’s stage, the software stage, display stage and finally new technology stage.

The introduction part of the Project mainly consists of 5 separate hardware circuits which are as follows:

1.         ECG Monitoring

2.         Pressure Monitoring

3.         Pulse ox meter

4.         Temperature Monitoring

5.         Serial Interface

The report also explains the details of the mobile interface which display monitor data on PC and define the process of input data for reading and display. The concept mobile technology contains system data flow which provides the details of client-server and HTTP protocol. The report explains the details of software and domain requirement specification.


In this Engineering Project, the development of intensive care units made the care for more seriously sick patients possible. It allowed utilizing more technically oriented tools to monitor and get information instantly about any changes in the patient’s physiological parameters and developed new strategies to save a life.

On the other hand, it raised ethical and professional issues related to some patients who had untreatable medical conditions or those who sustained unsalvageable damage to their vital organs. The diagrams, flowcharts, and tables provide the complete idea about the MAGIC MONITOR, which helps to understand the concept clearly.

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  1. is there any way on how to connect these 5 modules on one pcb using single microcontroller…..
    please rply…

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