Bio Metric Electronic Booths Project

Biometric electronic booths is an online election process developed an interactive web tool to allow the residents to access their voter registration within seconds. 

Authentication is provided to the voters with the help of finger prints so that there is no scope for rigging.

The online election system provides the complete profile of the candidates standing in elections.The Main intention of the Project is that the Elections should be done in a systematic.

It was always a difficult task for every country mainly in India to conduct a secured and free fair polls in our country which is one of the largest democratic countries in the world. 

The government will invest a lot of money for every election to protect from rigging and multi-voting. Though election commission multi-voting of precautions still there are many cases where rigging is done and the actual verdict is not known.

So in order to solve this problem and provide most efficient and less cost voting system, we propose bio metric electronic booths where thumb impressions and eye scanning methods are used for identifying a voter. With this procedure, there is no chance of rigging.

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This Bio Metric Electronic Booths Project developed by using the Software & Hardware technologies.

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