Steganography Project Report for CSE Major Project

Introduction to Steganography Project Topic:

We propose a latest technique in the steganography system to hide the information that is not to be disclosed with the image of the digital format. To hide the data we use BMP image. LSB algorithm stenography is the most common mode and it is used as the base. We have made some changes that are based on the innovative idea which include the integration of second and first LSB algorithms. The security here is considered to be the main aspect. 

Randomization concept is applied to the selection of pixels in pictures to  hide the data. Values are generated randomly with the help of secret keys. Unless the hackers have the key they will not able to find the numbers because they based on random physics. Analysis of statistics and detailed visualization of algorithms disclosed that it provides results that are satisfactory. It can be easily proved that the decoding system is very difficult in the proposed algorithm.

The work that is presented in this document is only the effort to create a strong stenographic system for Convery communication use. The algorithm proposed can be incorporated from various techniques that are existing and it results in an efficient algorithm of steganography. For high security of steganography we have developed a new technique. We are planning to improve our system in the future with robust build and high payload capacity as well as imperceptibility.

Steganography is similar to cryptography and it provides a way for communication of secret messages. A message is usually scrambled in the cryptographic technique so that it cannot be deciphered. On the other hand, the technique of The steganography technique hides the presence of the messages by concealing it inside a file. The cartographic messages can be intercepted with the help of eavesdropper but it will not enable an intruder to know that even the message exists.

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