Types of Inequalities in Ecotourism


There are several types of inequalities that appear in ecotourism concept. It is very difficult to identify and determine the inequalities by ecotourism. The key factor of ecotourism is its effect on people in the destination regions. Management of effects should be determined carefully. This is very important to measure the impacts. Once this is done efficiently we can analyze the impacts. There is a possibility of less usage of local resources in the rural areas like wood and several medicinal plants due to ecotourism. Several impacts are as follows. 

  • Inflation: 

There are several destinations which are suffering from excessive prices. Due to the tourism development, the prices of goods and services increased excessively. So the residents who belong to that particular place face problems to survive their lives. 

  • Income distribution: 

Ecotourism development sometimes distributes the incomes within the destination regions. It creates more inequalities. Sometimes the residents benefit from the programmers by modifying places like wells, rising funds to the schools. In such situations the people who stay there will benefit.

Above are the impacts which mostly raise due to the ecotourism development activities. The following are different types of inequalities which are specific under development activities. 

  • Land:   

    The tourists usually come by vehicles. Due to the excessive use of vehicles the soil gets degraded and may reduce its nature. There may chances of erosion. The temperature of soil may get unbalanced. So due to the ecotourism activities the fertility of soil also get reduced. This is a great loss of soil nature due to the usage of vehicles. 

  • Planting: 

    Ecotourism development activities affect the planting or vegetation. Usually the tourists walk and watch the places. Every time the place to which tourists come is busy with no of people so the soil may loss its fertility. Obviously it leads to dryness of land so that the plants would not grow with those nature limitations. For a plant to be growing it needs temperature, fertility and so on. But the resources which are needed get reduces due to walking and use of vehicles by the tourists. 

Reduction in population of insects: 

The no of small species were reducing day by day .some of the names of insects also not known to us. There are several kinds of small species, in which most of them were destroyed only because of ecotourism. This is verified and proved by a survey done by researchers. Some species which are very helpful in growing of fields, reduced due to the ecotourism. 


These species are small living creatures that are having spine. The aquatic species such as fish stoneflies cannot get their food resources due to the pollution present in the water. So the population of aquatic creatures gets reduced. Tourists will go for boating, swimming etc, which yields pollution of water which directly impacts the aquatic species. In this way ecotourism directly or indirectly affects the reptiles,   so that the population of amphibians gets reduced. 

Impact on Birds:                                   

There are some places which are for hunting, shooting for tourists in order to attract tourists. In such places there may be sound and air pollution, due to that the birds affects a lot and moreover the population is also get reduced. In some places boating is also affects the bird species like cranes. Because continuous boating leads to severe water pollution and directly affects the bird species causes decrease in no of birds.

Birds are flying creatures those who increases the beauty of the nature. But now more no of birds are decreasing due to ecotourism.

Based on the above information, final conclusion will be on ecotourism development .The activities should be done for the sake of residents and several living creatures, not to spoil the environment and species. For the protection of small species like beetle the ecotourism development should do some activities to prevent the decrease in population and also prevent tourists from shooting. Considering above all the ecotourism directly or indirectly affects the nature and it remains the same with development activities of ecotourism.

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