MBA Case Study on Ecotourism and People Management

Ecotourism and People Management 

The word Ecotourism is so popular in travel field. Ecotourism is developed to protect natural areas, environment and also educates tourists about tourism places. Here, Ecotourism is providing travelling and information about all tourism and historical places. By this, people have advantages. Employment opportunities will be increased for people who are surrounded to tourism place. Government is also having financial benefits. Apart from this, it will give awareness to upcoming generations about nature and environment. From past seven years Ecotourism is the fastest growing sector. Ecotourism is having financial and political impacts.

Ecotourism is a case sensitive thing. It is affected by socioeconomic issues. Ecotourism requires good architecture and pre planning about tourism. Environmentally, ecotourism is sensitive because it protects and manages its places in which it is operating. It mainly deals with few things. Those are quality of surrounding places, nature, and cultural attraction of those places, how ecotourism is implemented and marketed on those places. Resources management is important thing. Government is showing lot of interest and releasing funds to manage resources surrounded by tourism place. Ecotourism influences some sectors. If profit is reduced in this field then relevant cases like employment, revenue soon also influenced.

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