MBA Seminar Idea on Different Types of Credits and Loans


The overdraft is the process of borrowing the credit based on the bank account. The overdrafts are provided within the existing account and by the time when the balance is zero there is even a possibility to spend the time up to certain extent.

Credit Cards

The credit card is the process of borrowing the money in the monthly basis. The credit cards are been accepted all over the world for the payments of the goods as well as services in several places. If the payments are made in time then the interest will not be charged on the credit cards. These credit cards are even useful to each and every individual in many aspects in any country. The loans are possible only when the payments of credit card bills are paid on time.

Personal loans

The banks will provide the personal loans to the customers for the particular reasons provided by them car loans, credit loans and many more. The interests will be charged according to the amount received and the payment modes vary from banks to banks.

Credit Union loans

The credit unions will even offer the loans to the customers. But there will a registration process for getting loan from the credit unions. The credit unions are a type of community or else the work location in which the loans are offered to the employees. There is a necessity of saving an initial amount before opting for a loan. The credit union loans will fulfill the short term as well as the long term needs.

Hire purchase

These hire purchases are the offered through the shops or else the garages which will be helpful to purchase particular items. The items which are related to this hire purchase are too expensive such as the cars, electronic equipments as well as the furniture.  The items which are purchased cannot be owned until the total installments are paid. In some situations the final payment is known as the balloon payment that is referred to as the huge payment than that of all the previous payments. The storage process of the existing loan is referred to as the credit intermediary. They will work as the agents to the finance company. These hire purchase sales are not so flexible.

Credit sale agreements

This credit sale agreements are same as the hire purchase agreements in which the items are been purchased in the installment basis. The main difference among the credit sale agreement and the hire purchase agreement is that the goods can be purchased on the credit sale agreement. Even these credit sale purchases are not flexible.

Top-up mortgages

The top up mortgage is more applicable to the home owners as they can purchase the high payment products such as the cars and houses. In this mortgage loan process the higher payments are released as loans. If the customer doesn’t pay the mortgage loan in time then his purchased items like the cars or houses may be at risk.

Money Lending

The money lenders are the other companies or else the persons will lend money to the other persons by charging some interest rates. These loans are basically for small amounts. The interest rate for borrowing money from the money lenders is too high which will reproduce the high costs of gathering the repayments as well as there are high chances of the loans which are been repaid. The repayment process will be a weekly collection process. Before borrowing the cash form the money lenders their authorization should be identified. 

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