Ecotourism and People Management

Many authors/people argue/say that ecotourism development makes/ or produces socio-economic inequalities 

Essay guidelines

Is it true or not

Could this be case specific? – How does ecotourism do this?

Be very critical about the essay question/statement!
– Must evaluate how ecotourism development worsens or produces inequalities
– Provide evidence to support arguments – back up what you feel with relevant cases

–  Discuss the form/types of inequality taking place within the destination regions?
– has everything remained the same with the development of ecotourism?

– What elements have improved within the destination region?
– What elements are unbalanced inequalities? – Access to infrastructure, transportation, schools, life- expectancy, gap-rich/poor???
 – What elements have not improved with ecotourism development?
– Write about how it worsens/produces
– depending on the angle that is evaluated, write about the benefits in which tourism development has served e.g. schools, religion, dress code, infrastructure, etc.


Word Length

 The assignment should be 3,500 words max (min 2,000 words) in length. All assignments must be submitted with a word count at the end of the work (available on all word processors). Excessive, minimal, inaccurate, or missing word totals will be penalised. 


Make sure that work is referenced correctly using Harvard referencing. Unreferenced sources will be counted as plagiarism and students will be penalised 

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