Electronic Seminar Topic on Types on Onion

Introduction to Electronic Seminar Topic on Types on Onion:

1.     Forward Onions

Forward onions square measure won’t to produce unspecified circuits that are used for normal connections. A forward onion which consists of associate degree onion correct, a respondent header within the goods of an information cell, and target swarm address and port in an exceedingly the payload of an information cell.

 2.     Reply Onions

It is such kind of Onions which is used for create unnamed circuit which will used for reply connections. This consists of an onion proper and responder header. This responder header consists of an onion processor address, port, and onion processor header etc. key seeds; destination host information and process header are encrypted in this reply onion processor.

 3.     Replayable Reply Onions

A replayable reply onion contains associate onion correct, with a little set within the flags field indicating that it’s a reply onion, a communicator header with a little set within the flags field indicating that the onion may be a reply onion, the address and port of the reply onion processor, a reply onion processor header, the destination host address and port and eventually the key seed material. Repayable reply onions square measure comfortable produce anonymous circuits which will be used for replayable reply connections.

 4.     Rekeying Onions

Rekeying onions are 12 layers with encrypted form. Between ordinary onions and rekeying onions there are no such differences. Only difference is their structure. It is mainly used to distribute new symmetric keys. Rekeying onions are encrypted by symmetric cryptography.

 5.     Tunneling Onions

To create anonymous tunnel circuit this type of onions are needed. It consist two or more onion proper, one responder header and destination host information. Last layer of last onion consist a bit which will show indicate when tunneling will occur. After this N DATA CELL will be repackaged where N is the number of cells required.

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