Relevant cases of Ecotourism

  • Ecotourism- advantage or trouble?

Ecotourism is involved in both cases. Some advantages involved in ecotourism:

  • Tourism revenue will be increased.
  • Employment will be generated by management sector and resource development sector.
  • Ecotourism also influences surrounding environments like hotel, travelling system and restaurant etc.
  • Ecotourism also helps local people in tourism place. By developing tourism place some facilities for that area like road, water soon will be improved.

Some disadvantages by this Ecotourism:

  • By tourism activity, water pollution, garbage will be increased in tourism place.
  • Arrival of tourists and entrepreneurs may cause social and economic digression on local people.
  • Revenue

The relevant case for Ecotourism is revenue. State is having some income on tourism places. So if place is having lot of visitors, it will increase revenue of government. 

  • Contribution on Wildlife protection

This case is also one of the relevant cases in ecotourism. Wild life conservation will minimize negative thoughts in human beings about wild animals. This section will improve natural asserts. Now in world, wild animals count is decreasing. So by implementing this activity new generations can know and see wild animals. 

  • Marine tourism

Marine tourism is stressing topic in ocean and coastal areas. Now a days, people is showing interest to see enjoyable places like beach, waterfalls etc comparing to historical places. But problems raised in coastal areas will require scientific conditions, planning, and problem analysis in those places. 

  • Ecotourism development case

Development deals with preservation and development of natural and environmental resources. This case study involves identifying factors which are involved and finding ways to implement this factor in Ecotourism for best results. 

  • Value of Biodiversity

Preserving and not spoiling planet resources are coming to biodiversity. By Ecotourism biodiversity is so influenced. Some chances are there to improve values of biodiversity like gardening, making films related to nature and giving seminars on improvement activities soon. 

  • Employment sector

The travel industry also influence employment sector. For example, tourism related photographs are 50% in world and employ growing rate is 5.2% per year. 

  • Education field

In education field also ecotourism is implemented. Some schools and colleges are providing educational tourism program for their students to show some historical and natural places. Government is also including some lessons on tourism places like Hyderabad, Agra etc in student’s books to educate them about tourism sector. 

  • About tourists

So many visitors and tourists come to see place from different places and culture. So it is necessary to provide resources and facility for tourists needs. So surrounding environment to tourism place should be maintained clean and adjustable by tourists.

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