Human Resource Management System Project Synopsis

The main aim of the Human Resource Management System software is to maintain all the sections of the organization easily. The application should be able to store, monitor, and access huge amount of data with better performance and which should be error free.

The developed PHP project should help full for the Manager and HR members for smoothing and automatic manipulation of data and maintenance of files, records and huge amount of data and also wide circulation of the software.

Human Resource Management System is a distributed application, developed to maintain the details of employees working in any organization. It maintains the information about the personal details of their employees, also the details about the payroll system which enable to generate the pay slip.

The application is actually a suite of applications developed using PHP.

This project is having three main modules :

  • Admin
  • Employee
  • Visitor

This Human Resource software application has been developed using the powerful coding tools of HTML, CSS, JavaScript at Front End and PHP, MySql at Back End.

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