Regional Transport Office System PHP Project Synopsis


In this Regional Transport Office System project, the transport details of the many regions are maintained. This System maintains overall transport details as like what details check post officers will refer to the transport.

Every transport detail is maintained in normal especially road transport i.e., bus, Lorries, cars and all two-wheelers and four-wheelers details. This transport office system also maintains the number uniquely. When admin wishes to view the details of a particular vehicle using the unique number he can view the details.

Address of the owner of the vehicle and the color, number, type, status every detail will be retrieved. This progress is very useful for the Transport officers. This Transport office system is also maintained even in regional-wise.


  1. Admin, User
  2. Registration form
  • Two Wheeler Registration
  • Four Wheeler Registration
  1. Feedback form
  2. Viewing details



Hard disk : – 80 GB

Monitor: 15 Vga Colour

Mouse : – Logitech.

Ram : – 2 Gb

Keyboard : – 110 Keys Enhanced.


  • Operating system        : – Windows Family.
  • Coding Language       : -PHP
  • Back end                     :- MY SQL

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