Process Controlling Tool

What is Process Controlling Tool?

  • Process controlling tool is a tool for controlling other process in a system.
  • It is like a DOS-command Prompt.
  • It has some external features than the command prompt.
  • It is one interface to all processes.
  • It is lightweight(less process resource utilization).

Existing System:

Every user interacts with the different process for different level, but all process can control by only command prompt.

Command prompt acts as a tool to communicate with the process, but it has different commands.

Drawbacks of Existing System:

It is difficult to remember all the commands.
Command prompt is only run the commands after entering the user it can’t provide the waiting a process before run a process command.
It can’t give the state of a process while running a set of commands.

Proposed System:

This Process Controlling Tool only run based on single character keys and shortcut keys that works on the corresponding process.
It also captures screen command for to know the state of process.
It also provide the scheduling of different tasks.

Project Modules:

  • Getting the commands.
  • Done operation on process.
  • Run the any other process.

Use case diagram:

Process Controlling Tool Usecase Diagram

Sequence Diagram:

Process Controlling Tool Sequence Diagram

Software Requirements :

  • Front End       : Java
  • BACK END       : JIT ( Just In Time Compiler)

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