Latest CSE Seminar Topic on Natural Language Processing with Seminar Report

Introduction to Natural Language Processing with Seminar Topic:

We now belong to the age of machines and computers; they truly have made our work as humans quite bearable. This has been possible with the development of Artificial Intelligence, which can be defined as the science and engineering that goes behind the manufacture of intellectual machinery.

It is because of various computer programmers that have been created by making use artificial intelligence that our work load has diminished.

To have a very philosophical definition as to what artificial intelligence is, it is best to state that AI tries to replicate the thought process of the human mind in terms of a machine that computes. 

Discussions regarding artificial intelligence are based on the subject of it being divided in to the categories of weak and strong.

What experts count as the difference between weak and strong AI is that, weak AI, when programmed in machines has to ability to identify and then imitate the human responses of cognition.

But in case of the strong AI, experts are of the opinion that they themselves have the power to produce cognitive responses.

This however is a topic of debate, since it needs to be proved that a machine can have the ability to experience cognitive responses.

In case of the weak AI, emulating the human cognitive emotions is irrefutable, as it is well within its power to do so. 

Experts of artificial intelligence have however put up differences between the simulations, replication and emulation capabilities of machines endowed with AI. According to them simulation occurs when the machine has the identical type of input and output to that of humans.

In case of replication, it has been found that the same internal causes affect both the human brain and the AI in the same way. And emulation is possible only when replication takes place and when it has been found out that both the human brain and AI is made from the same stuff.

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