CSE Technical Seminar Topic on Extensible Markup Language PPT

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Extensible Markup Language:

XML is nothing but extensible markup language used to display advertisements, images, information. It is the Meta language simplified from the standard generalized markup language. It is structured language. It not only used to describe the data but also used to display in tree structured format. It allows you to define your own tags that means can develop your own markup language. This language is the replace of ASCII. It provides Unicode, platform independent, markup for structuring and ASCII is the future of database.

The major advantages of XML are tailor-made markup for structuring information, platform independent, supports generic languages. And its specification is describes the xml papers, describes the performance of central processing unit programs which process them. XML keeps score logically disconnect from information but actually connected with it. It also represents the documents storage outline and rational arrangement.

An element consists of attributes and attributes have values. Attributes and values are written in within the start-tag. Concept architecture can be explained as Overarching Issue and Objective, briefly explaining the problem statement, and to get the answer for the query, Logical View of Tasks, Physical Hardware View Computers and Software – Physical Representation.

      This project uses the distributed systems which composed of clients and servers. It consists of operating systems, software and hardware combinations. The main objective of this project is to facilitate the flow of information and interoperability between the servers by using software technologies.

Download  CSE Technical Seminar Topic on Extensible Markup Language PPT.

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