The Scope of the NanoTechnology Presentation CSIT

Description: The research paper The Scope of the NanoTechnology Presentation CSIT speaks about Nanotechnology and the scope it has in the ever changing world. Nano technology is the science that believes in realignment of atoms in a molecule so as to bring in the desired effect. Nanotechnology develops miniature gadgets with a very high performance level. The tools of nanotechnology are used in medicine and automobile industry and even in Telecommunications. These miniature gadgets reach the desired target and either cure or bring about a change without any damage to the surrounding. Nanotechnology also offers rescue operations during devastating times like that of an earthquake.

It is suggested in the research paper that Nanotechnology is also an umbrella description of emerging technological developments associated with sub-microscopic dimensions. Despite the great promise of numerous nanotechnologies such as quantum dots and nanotubes, real applications that have moved out of the lab and into the marketplace have mainly utilized the advantages of colloidal nanoparticles in bulk form, such as suntan lotion, cosmetics, protective coatings, and stain resistant clothing. Nanotechnology cuts across many disciplines,

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note saying that Nanotechnology is an emerging field and holds a very promising future. It’s also been suggested that although the name nanotechnology has emerged recently the name has been in vogue for almost thirty years now.

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