Text Extraction System ECE Seminar Topic

Like PC, compress electronic, storage medium, and great accuracy communication talent are improved severely and the digital video is evolved into the essential components under several applications like games, studies, and news. Multimedia information is even become greater than before. To obtain and explore the essential data from the great quantity of video information then we should get the text information from video.

 Apparently, the Text is the essential component under video, hence to get the text displayed like the key option to comprehend the data of video. The identification and recognition of videotext is seen like the important element for the extraction and examining system of the video. The detection of video is utilized under several applications like summarization, semantic video indexing, security, video surveillance, and multilingual video data access and so on.

 Videotext is divided into two major classes. They are graphic text and scene text. Graphic text is also known as text overlay which is the videotext included over the video editors. Scene texts are implanted videotexts under the real-world objects.

This Text Extraction System ECE Seminar Topic focuses on the issue to correctly identify and get the graph for videotext identification. Even though, the graphic is included within the video, the examinations are displayed to obtain the video entities like people, face etc. It is because of several graphic texts available under the cluttered background. There is no constant color spread for texts in distinct videos.


It is concluded that the edge detection is utilized to get the text and it is executed with the help of Matlab. The two critical angles are mentioned and the text is obtained and identified by the edges of the picture. The two angles that are utilized are 90 degree and 180 degree.

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