RFID Based Projects on Passive Keyless Entry for Automobile

RFID Based Projects on Passive Keyless Entry for Automobile over View:

In recent days wireless technologies are developing rapidly in the field of security systems, here in this paper we presented a power door lock device which does not allows the engine to start i.e.  Prevents unauthorized user entries, unless a correct key is used.

RFID Based Projects

These systems are termed as Immobilizers these became mandatory for modern day cars in most of the countries, these electronic devices are fitted to the car doors prevents the entry of the user unless the right full owner with correct key enters.

This system is comprised of an RFID loop control device at the lock barrel here the key is recognized by the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) and it is matched the engine starts or else the ECU will not allow the user to enter in to the car. These systems are highly advantages in controlling car thefts, and increases security for our cars.

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In this RFID based passive keyless entry for Automobile door lock application the user is provided with an radio frequency identification tag briefly called as RFID tags with a code insisted on it, when the is closer to magnetic field across the car the user identification code on the tag is recognized by the reader and it compare s the code with the code present in the micro controller if the code matches the doors will be opened otherwise the doors will not respond.

A relay system is used to turn on the car doors whenever the reader detects the correct code these are operated at a voltage of 5v to 12v.

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