Network Topology Mtech Final Year Project Report

Purpose of the Efficient End-to-End Network Topology java project System:

The communication between interconnected computers is more complex due to huge usage of daily life. The computers identified by it unique address and communicate through the wide range of networks. So sending and receiving the message in a particular wide network is bit difficult. To interact, a host with another host or destination, the host must know the identity and the shortest path to reach the message for the particular host.

This is the reason to approach a new system for scalable and efficient end-to-end communication network mechanism.

Scope of the System:

The proposed system has been implemented by a lot of algorithms to give the sufficient and efficient performance topology for a lager scale network. Strengthen of this system is not even the sink node, every one in the networks have a overlay tree and maintain a partially discovered topology.

 Objectives and Success Criteria of the Project:

  • To reduce, measurement redundancy, our scheme integrates the doubletree algorithm.
  • To reduce trace route size, set up a lookup table for routers.
  • To reduce the computational overhead, the proposed system conducting topology abstraction and reducing the computational frequency.

Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviation:

ALM                           application-layer multicast

BGP                            border gateway protocol

FAT                             fast application-layer tree

ICMP                          internet control message protocol

TTL                             Time-to-Live

RTT                             round-trip time

ISP                              internet service provider

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  1. require the full project code for Intrusion detection in wireless sensor networks. kindly provide as soon as possible

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