Image Processing How it is done

Description: The research paper Image Processing How it is done suggests what image processing is and how it is achieved. The paper suggests that image processing is the branch of science that manipulates with the images. Image processing helps in improving clarity of image, remove the distorted parts, and combine a few parts to create a new image or highlight certain specific aspects of an image. Color image processing is the area that has been gaining importance lately owing to the increase in the copies of digital images captured.  Two aspects are important for generating digital images: one is the physical device that enables capture an image and second is the digitizer which enables the image to be stored in some storage device like the computer disc or the CD-ROM. Mass storage facilities are a must in image processing procedures.

The storage device could be a PC or a Super Computer. Specific systems catered to the requirement can certainly enhance the quality of the whole process. Owing to image processing bandwidth, networking is one indispensable aspect to the whole thing. The medical industry has been using image processing since a considerable period of time. There is a requirement of high quality images in the field of medicine. Ad hoc techniques have been used to enhance the quality so far. Digital image processing includes the use of mathematical formulate to enhance the quality of images and this has been obtained with commendable precision levels too. CAT, MRY, PET., MSE are some popular technologies used to enhance the quality of the image. The devices thus generated can be stored in the computer so that the doctor could use it later while highlighting the area of his/her interest.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that no technique is sufficient by itself and sometimes while processing an image several techniques are used simultaneously.

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