Technical Seminar Presentation on ID3 Tags in MP3 with PPT for IT Students

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on ID3 Tags in MP3:

The paper is about ID3. It is a process for storing the metadata in the MP3.  Firstly ID3 format was given by Eric Kemp. But this approach has its own limitations. This has risen for modification of the existing ID3 which was done by Michael Mutschler. The modified version given by Michael Mutschler is named as ID3v1; it has its own limitations. Later in the year 1998 a group which is led by Martin Nilsson has introduced ID3v2, which is very flexible in nature.

The ID3 is in the format of container which allows the frames as the evolution precedence. It stays in the starting or beginning of the audio file and also is an unsyncronous scheme. The tag size allowed to a maximum extent of about 256 megabytes. This tag supports the nature of the Unicode. And its focus is not totally on the music audio. It can be linked to any CD databases. And it contains the images regarding the file which we want to be included.

The ID3 tags are further divided in terms of the frames. The frame has a header, the header includes the information about the type of the frame included and the size of the frame indicates the bytes of the data frame.

When we consider about padding, it is not compulsory of having padding after every final frame. The ID3v2 frame has the following fields, which includes the frame header and the header is about 10 bytes long. The header consists of the Frame ID, the Size and also the Flags. When we consider the footer it is placed after the audio data and footer is similar to the header but has different identifier. Hence we can conclude that ID3 as an effective mechanism.

Download  Technical Seminar Presentation on ID3 Tags in MP3 with PPT for IT Students.

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