Power Former Seminar Technical Presentation

The main aim the Power Former Seminar Technical Presentation is to generate more power using the power former. Power utility increases day by day for industries, home appliances, corporate companies, A / C usage increases, so to avoid the power problem we have to generate the power in an efficient manner. This technical paper can done this, and this document gives us details of the power generation and transmission and provides the details how the power is generated in an effective manner, here in this  we are using step – up transformers, this is used here to step up the voltage value, if the plant generated 40 k v then it step up to 900 k v, but the drawback in this equipment is less efficiency, and more maintenance cost, area taken more for manufacturing, power former is a 3 phase ac generator, the components used here are generator, generator circuit breaker, step up transformer, line circuit breaker,  stator design should be innovative, the types of winding consisted in the power former are outer semiconductor layer, inner layer, solid insulation, standard conductor. So by using the step up transformers in the plants we can generate the more power, so that high voltage is generated.

Download Power Former Seminar Technical Presentation with full documentation.

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